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Hi! I am Nurra Barry, Founder & CEO and my first concern as renovation stakeholder is our Planet.

With its high carbon footprint, the renovation & building industry has a role to play. We cannot keep spending energy on heating or cooling our houses when we could avoid all this by using proper insulation. We cannot waste so much material on each project when we have so many ways to reuse it. Above all, sustainable renovation shall not be more expensive than the average. We need to reach as many households as possible: buildings represent 40% of the EU's energy consumption. EU’s targets 27% improvement in energy efficiency by 2030.

I formerly cofounded Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure, a start-up dedicated to interior design and renovation. I've runned it for the past 5 years. We have learned and achieved so much with customers and projets accross France, Belgium & Luxembourg! It's time to capitalize on these assets and go BIG and GREEN at great pace.

Let's talk about business: France is a 30 Billion € renovation market, and Europe represents a Trillion €... Join our initiative and let's go get that opportunity together!

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